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I am physically shutting down. Cannot handle the cutesy.

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"Black Is The Color Of Strength, The Color Of Complete. When You Take Karate,You Go Until You Reach Your BLACK Belt. Black Is Educated. Black Is Reaching New Heights, Black Is “Fighting” For What’s Right. Black Does Not Describe. Black Doesn’t Always Mean Robbers,And Killers,Black Doesn’t Always Mean Fried Chicken And Macaroni With Hot Sauce. Black Is A Color, A Color Beautiful Skin, Not A Definition Of Ignorance."


Anonymous said: For some strange reason, I don't want tyga and chyna to get a reality show if it's true. Reality shows to me bring soo much negativity and I don't want that for them. I like how they keep their lives private


I agree 100%. I mean the thought of them being on a reality show is cool but some relationships end because of that “reality show curse”. I kind of like that their private as well cause once you open up, everybody gonna think they’re in their relationship & they’re not! But like I said I doubt it’ll happen.

We’ll be seeing Chyna on Keeping up with the Kardashians so that’s fine too. Lol.